EasyStart™ 368 Soft Starter for AC Units 49K to 72K 230V - ASY-368-X72

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EasyStart™ 368 Soft Starter for AC Units 49K to 72K 230V - ASY-368-X72

EasyStart by Micro-Air is the most effective way to reduce current draw of marine air conditioners or refrigerators. It was designed with a 4-part start ramp sequence that is self-optimizing, resulting in the lowest possible start-up current. It is compatible with all boat air conditioning brands like Dometic, Webasto, Cruisair, Marine Air, etc. EasyStart can deliver a start current reduction of up to 75% of a compressor's LRA (locked-rotor amperage) allowing your marine air conditioner to work in situations where it otherwise would not have functioned. 



Sart-Up Algorithm for Start Surge Reduction

  • Lab tested CE Compliance
  • Average start surge reduction to 65%
  • Sophisticated, auto-learned 4-part start-up algorithm
  • one time learning algorithm for better shore power/generator transitions. 
  • Individually optimized profiles for 50Hz and 60Hz 
  • Low sensitivity to momentary voltage deeps during start-up
  • Auto-bleed of run cap voltage and compressor energy during shutdown
  • Reliably starts any 115V compressor on a Honda EU2000i in ECO Mode. 


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EasyStart Models: 

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6 Reviews

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Terry on Oct 10th 2022

    Install was a little confusing but the product told what was wrong and I corrected it. Works as advertised

  • 5
    Definitely must buy

    Posted by James on Sep 23rd 2022

    prior to installing, we used to experience dimming lights and loud noise each time the a/c kicked on. Now after installing the LRA went from 96a down to 44a and no longer have the loud noise when it starts up

  • 5
    Easystart 368 Soft Starter

    Posted by Robert in Texas on Jun 20th 2022

    I installed this on my 5 ton A/C system. With the bluetooth monitoring can see the reduction in starting and running amps. It was easy to install after watching the Micro-Air videos on You Tube. Water Yacht Solutions provided fast processing and shipping.

  • 5
    Worked like a charm

    Posted by Thomas Richard Larry, Jr. on May 3rd 2022

    Worked perfectly, exactly as advertised!

  • 5
    Pricey but worth it

    Posted by Curt Wagner on Oct 27th 2021

    So my 5 ton compressor has been getting noticably more drag in the 6 years that I've had it. It was still within spec but started bogging down my Generac 20KW on start up. I installed a hard start and my Generac still struggled. I found these and was very reluctant at first due to the price differnece. A hard start costs 50 dollars and these were over 300. After reading all the safety features it included I decided to chance it with all the good reviews out there. Installation was done by me in about an hour. On the second start I could already tell a difference. While on normal power my lights would always dim when my compressor cut on, I could even hear the compressor kick on from the opposite side of the house. No more, lights no longer flicker, and alot quiter. Tried it out with my Generac today and it's as good as new. Barely hear the generator change RPMs. I don't know what my locked rotor amperage draw was at before by my rating was 153 amps on the specs. According to the SoftStart app it's down to 50 Amps on start up now. I live in an area where hours of power outage or even days is normal so it was worth it for me.

  • 5
    Works like a charm!

    Posted by Anthony on Aug 12th 2021

    Worked as promised. I found the EasyStart 368 online I was very optimistic that it would solve our problem. I installed it myself with a little help from customer support.