EasyStart™ 364 Soft Starter for AC units 21K to 36K 115V/230V - ASY-364-X36-BLUE

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EasyStart™ 364 Soft Starter for AC units up to 36K 115V/230V - ASY-364-X36-BLUE

EasyStart by Micro-Air is the most effective way to reduce current draw of marine air conditioners or refrigerators. It was designed with a 4-part start ramp sequence that is self-optimizing, resulting in the lowest possible start-up current. It is compatible with all boat air conditioning brands like Dometic, Webasto, Cruisair, Marine Air, etc. EasyStart can deliver a start current reduction of up to 75% of a compressor's LRA (locked-rotor amperage) allowing your marine air conditioner to work in situations where it otherwise would not have functioned. 



Sart-Up Algorithm for Start Surge Reduction

  • Lab tested CE Compliance
  • Average start surge reduction to 65%
  • Sophisticated, auto-learned 4-part start-up algorithm
  • one time learning algorithm for better shore power/generator transitions. 
  • Individually optimized profiles for 50Hz and 60Hz 
  • Low sensitivity to momentary voltage deeps during start-up
  • Auto-bleed of run cap voltage and compressor energy during shutdown
  • Reliably starts any 115V compressor on a Honda EU2000i in ECO Mode. 


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EasyStart Models: 

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Amazing Performance

    Posted by John Loveless on Aug 24th 2022

    Once I got the correct model for my heat pump it worked great. Setup was intimidating but do-able. Just follow the directions and boom you have an A/C that draws 4x less power on startup. Make sure you get the Bluetooth version if you have a smart heat pump or A/C unit.

  • 5
    Soft start

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 11th 2022

    Awesome. Incredible inrush drop. 75.8 down to 14.2.

  • 5
    Soft start

    Posted by Tim on Jun 13th 2022

    Working great

  • 5
    Pricey but works wonders

    Posted by Curt Wagner on Nov 10th 2021

    They are high but they are easy to install and work wonders. My first start amprage according to the app was 46.3 amps. My fifth starts was down to 20.7. I'm using this on a 2 ton residential AC and this will make it low enough I can start it off portable generator. After hurricane Ida I went 19 days with out power so this was a must for me.

  • 5

    Posted by Art. on Sep 24th 2021

    I installed an Easy Start 364 in my Coleman Mach 3 air conditioner this weekend. The product worked as expected and the installation was quite simple. MicroAir's installation instructions were outstanding and I would say this install was about as difficult as building a set of Lego. I was able to start my air conditioner with a Yamaha 2000ist generator without issue and also run 2 fridges and a vacuum. I didn't test to see what else I could run but it handled that load without issue. Overall this is an outstanding product that I would definitely buy again once it's time to upgrade our RV.