Hydromatic II Control Board - ASY-250-X0G

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Hydromatic II Control Board - ASY-250-X0G

The Hydromatic II system is a water temperature controller for use in loop
circulation systems. It provides outputs for reverse cycle and electric heater operation at
each control.


  • Modular system for controlling one to eight compressors.
  • Directly drives AC contactors from 24 to 250 VAC.
  • Integrated touch screen OLED display.
  • Universal 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply
  • Simple CANBUS (Computer area network) two wire connection between
  • Remote mounted tempered water and sea pump control board with pressure sense
    and flow inputs.
  • Optional stage current sensing and over current shutdown.
  • Optional high and low Freon pressure transducer inputs.
  • VFD (Variable frequency drive) dry contact output.
  • MODBUS input for VFD monitoring.
  • Electric heat only transitioning based on sea water temperature.
  • Auxiliary voltage input allows using contactors with operating voltages different
    from the supply voltage.
  • Automatically equalizes compressor run times in multistage systems.
  • Programmable temperature controlled staging for efficient operation.
  • Automatic slave bypass and retry for a slave with a fault.
  • Cycled or continuous sea pump operation.
  • Compatible with AirNet 5 (internet / network access).
  • Sea water temperature sensor.
  • Individual tempered water flow switch inputs for each compressor.