Side-Power SE40/125S-IP, 12V, Single Prop 88 lbs of Thrust, Ignition Protected

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Side-Power SE40/125S-IP Thruster (Sealed Gearleg) with IP Housing, 12V, Ignition Protected, 125mm

The SE40 IP is a compact thruster small enough to fit boats as little as 20 feet. With its 40 kg of thrust and ignition protection, you get a safe and reliable thruster installation in boats with gasoline engines. 

It is fitted either in a tunnel through the boat's bow or into a stern tunnel at the boat's stern using a stern kit (sold separately). SE40 IP is also available in PRO version/ 12 and 24-volt. 


Thrust @10.5VDC 88 lbs (40kg)
Thrust @12VDC 105 lbs (48 kg)
Approx. Boat Size 26-34' (8-10.5 m)
Tunnel Diameter (I.D.) 4.92" (125 mm)
Power @ 10.5V 3 hp (2.2kw)
Recommended Fuse Size 250 Amps (SMANL250)
Fuse Size 250 Amp
Minimum Battery Capacity 570 CCA SAE
Approximate Ship Weight (lbs)



Measurements Value
(H) Height 288mm / 11.34in
(L) Length 238mm / 9.37in
(W) Width 234mm / 9.21in
(ID) Internal Diameter 125mm / 4.92in
(WD) Water Depth 125mm / 4.92in
(TL) Recommended Tunnel Length 136mm / 5.35in
(TL min.) Minimum Tunnel Length 111mm / 4.37in
(T min.) Minimum Tunnel Wall Thickness 4mm / 0.16in
(T max.) Maximum Tunnel Wall Thickness 6mm / 0.24in


Stern Measurements Value
(L) Internal Length 268mm / 10.6in
(+L) Tunnel Length 188mm / 7.4in
(WD) Stern Water Depth 125mm / 4.9in
(HT) Maximum Hull Thickness 65mm / 2.6in