Seastar PA6020 Power Assist Autopilot Pump T2 12V

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Seastar PA6020 Power Assist Autopilot Pump

Model: PA6020


  • Autopilot ready — a single installation (i.e. no need to break into system for install of pump).
  • Converts manual hydraulic steering to power steering.
  • Dramatic reduction in steering wheel torque.
  • Easy installation.
  • OEM or Retrofit.
  • Simple add on to an existing SeaStar manual system (from 1.4 — 2.4 SeaStar helm pumps)
  • Compatible with power purge system.
  • Ignition protected (SAE J-1171).
  • ABYC, CE, NMMA, ISO 10592 Approved.
  • Replaces other 12 & 24 volt systems

Converts manual hydraulic steering for dramatic reduction in steering wheel torque and at the same time provides a pump for an autopilot installation.

The SeaStar Power Assist Autopilot pump is the standard power assist product with the addition of a Type 1 or Type 2 autopilot pump. The SeaStar Autopilot pump is a fixed flow, reversible pump set that uses an internal hydraulic gear pump, producing very little vibration or noise. It is offered in 12 and 24 volt configurations, as well as two different pump sizes (type 1 & type 2).


Voltage 12vDC
Fittings Compatible with standard SeaStar Hoses (HO51xx etc.)
Oil Compatibility SeaStar Steering Fluid (MIL 5606)
Autopilot Pump Sizes 60 in3/min (no load)
Max Pressure 1000psi
Typical Current Draw (Depending on application) 5 - 11 amps
Pump cylinder capacity 12.5 in3 — 21 in3