KVH K4 EdgeServer Pro 6-Port Hub Network Management Device - 72-1056-01

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KVH K4 EdgeServer (Pro 6-Port Hub Network Management Device)

Model: 72-1056-01
Any vessel can have an all-inclusive system to control Internet connectivity thanks to the K4 EdgeServer. With its industrial-style, compact form, and support for up to seven WAN sources and one LAN source, the k4 EdgeServer offers a user-friendly interface that is both straightforward and effective for remote management, real-time metering, and analytics. This makes it possible to use enhanced bandwidth bonding to manage currently installed VSAT, LTE, and Marina Wi-Fi.

Enable the K4 EdgeServer for use with one or more of the following antenna systems:

  • Starlink
  • Cellular/Wi-Fi
  • KVH TracNew H-series or TracPhone HTS-series
  • Iridium Certus

Require Equipment:

  • Users will need the following items to complete the configuration process:
  • Laptop computer equipped with an Ethernet port (set up for DHCP)
  • KVH configuration file download to a laptop (file provided by KVH Technical Support)
  • Standard Ethernet network cable with RJ45 connectors

Manufacturer : KVH
Manufacturer Part No : 72-1056-01
UPC : 028327015118