Horizon Reverse Osmosis Seafari Quest - Modular 400-600 GPD

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H011M400-1 , H011M600-1

Horizon Reverse Osmosis Seafari Quest Modular 400-600 GPD

Horizon Seafari Quest 400 - 600 GPD systems are ideal for small sail and power boats 45 feet (14 meters) and smaller. With its unique RO Boost energy transfer technology, the Seafari Quest brings efficient, compact, extraordinarily quiet watermaking to smaller boats with minimal on board power. The Seafari Quest is available in compact and modular configurations to accommodate space restrictions and is the ideal choice for boats that require a DC power connection or low power consumption from AC generators less than 4 Kw in size. This Energy Efficient watermaker self adjusts to any feed water condition with its one-touch fully automated operation. Fault LED indication is provided for easy diagnosis of required maintenance. Operation of the system can also be performed from a remote location. The Seafari Quest's patented RO Boost is smooth running, remarkably quiet, and water lubricated, so no oil changes are required.

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