Isotherm Cruise 49 Elegance Refrigerator w/Freezer, AC/DC, Silver Door

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Isotherm CRUISE 49 Elegance - Small CRUISE Marine Refrigerator

The Isotherm Cruise 49 Elegance is a 1.75 cubic foot marine refrigerator (49 liters) available now in two colors: Silver and Black.  The CR49 Elegance Silver features a brushed aluminum panel and the CR49 Elegance Black has a gloss acrylic panel with 3-side black flange.

The new Elegance design features a two-inch thick door with more insulation for superior cold retention and operating efficiency. The CR49 Elegance features a four liter freezer compartment, one adjustable shelf with a hatch to allow tall bottles to stand upright and a built-in fan-cooled Danfoss / SeCOP compressor. The CR49 Elegance has an innovative internal anchoring system which allows mounting the fridge without a flange. Interior light and flange is standard.  Easy door swing change from right to left.

Part numbers and descriptions for the CR49 EL:

C049RBBAB11111AA Cruise 49 Elegance Black - DC only, Black Door, Internal Anchoring System, 3-Sided Black Flange 
C049RBBAB71113AA Cruise 49 Elegance Black - AC/DC, Black Door, Internal Anchoring System, 3-Sided Black Flange 
C049RSBAS11111AA Cruise 49 Elegance Silver - DC Only, Silver Door, internal anchoring system, 3-sided black flange
C049RSBAS71113AA Cruise 49 Elegance Silver - AC/DC, Silver Door, internal anchoring system, 3-side black flange


CRUISE 49 Elegance
CR 49 EL
Volume (cu.ft.)
Dimensions H x W x D (inches)
20.7 x 15 x 17.6*
Power consumption (W/24h)
Weight (lbs)