Intellian S6HD Tv Antenna Us Dual Band Ka-Ku System - B4-639HD

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Intellian S6HD 60cm (24 inch) reflector DIRECTV HD Satellite TV System

Model: B4-639HD


  • 3 DIRECTV Satellites at Once - The s6HD processes all three signals at once, delivering the complete DIRECTV HD experience right aboard your boat.
  • Lightest HD Antenna Available - Antenna weighs less than 48lbs and it is the lightest and smallest DIRECTV HD satellite system available.
  • Fully Automated System - The s6HD is a 2-axis high speed tracking system with fully automated satellite search and identification.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Antenna Control Unit - With its Wi-Fi functioned ACU, wireless updates and diagnosis via Aptus PC is possible.
  • Tracks all 3 DIRECTV Satellites at once for HD and UHD/4K TV enjoyment
  • Experience DIRECTV just like at home onboard, underway or at anchor
  • Built-in HD module for Ka-band DIRECTV channels
  • Intellian’s advanced technology guarantees the fastest signal acquisition
  • With its Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM), up to 16 receivers can be connected
  • With its Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM), up to 16 receivers can be connected

The Intellian s6HD is a complete all-in-one satellite TV solution that enables boaters to enjoy high-definition TV channels just like at home. The antenna’s stylish polished radome design makes it a perfect fit for boats over 45 feet. See more for less with the s6HD.


Radome Dimension 70 cm x 72 cm (27.5" x 28.3")
Reflector Diameter 60cm (23.6")
Antenna Weight 21.6 kg (47.7 Ibs.)
Elevation Range +5° to +90°
Polarization Circular
Auto Skew Yes
WorldView Capable No

What's in the Box:

  • S6HD 60cm (24 inch)
  • ACU