EasyStart™ 368 Soft Starter for AC Units 30K to 48K 230V - ASY-368-X48

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EasyStart™ 368 Soft Starter for AC Units 30K to 48K 230V - ASY-368-X48

EasyStart by Micro-Air is the most effective way to reduce current draw of marine air conditioners or refrigerators. It was designed with a 4-part start ramp sequence that is self-optimizing, resulting in the lowest possible start-up current. It is compatible with all boat air conditioning brands like Dometic, Webasto, Cruisair, Marine Air, etc. EasyStart can deliver a start current reduction of up to 75% of a compressor's LRA (locked-rotor amperage) allowing your marine air conditioner to work in situations where it otherwise would not have functioned. 



Sart-Up Algorithm for Start Surge Reduction

  • Lab tested CE Compliance
  • Average start surge reduction to 65%
  • Sophisticated, auto-learned 4-part start-up algorithm
  • one time learning algorithm for better shore power/generator transitions. 
  • Individually optimized profiles for 50Hz and 60Hz 
  • Low sensitivity to momentary voltage deeps during start-up
  • Auto-bleed of run cap voltage and compressor energy during shutdown
  • Reliably starts any 115V compressor on a Honda EU2000i in ECO Mode. 


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EasyStart Models: 

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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Tom on Apr 8th 2022

    Great product. Fast shipping. Easy installation. No more Compressor clunking on and off all night.

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    Easystart 368 X48

    Posted by T. Horn on Sep 22nd 2021

    Downloaded the instructions. Use my Fluke to check Inrush amps prior to installing on my 4 ton Carrier unit, and they were 119amps. Installed Easystart, and clamped my meter back on. First reading I got was 020 and the unit didn't run but a minute or so. Thought I did something wrong. (I only lowered the thermostat 1 degree to make it come on. It cooled down and turned back off). After reviewing my installation and determining I had it correctly installed, I tried it again. Inrush amps were 15amps. (The 020 was actually telling me it read 20 amps, but I guess I didn't believe it). Running amps didn't change. They were 10amps before and after Easystart. I haven't connected my generator to make sure it will work, but I can't imagine it won't, now. 20amps is only 4800 starting watts. I'm a happy camper so far! I will come back to change my review if anything changes!

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    EasyStart ASY-368-X48-Blue

    Posted by Nik G on Aug 3rd 2021

    I just hooked up the ASY-368-X48-Blue to my 4-ton Trane/American Standard A/C. Installation went flawlessly following the Micro-Air instructions. Before installation, I measured Inrush current with an “Inrush” capable Clamp Meter and Inrush was - 118.4 Amps. After Installation and 5 start learnings by EasyStart startup Inrush current has been measured several times and shows - 35.2 Amps. Tried also with my WGen9500/12500DF starts and runs perfectly, also remaining plenty of power to run the everything I need in my house.

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    Drops inrush amps dramatically

    Posted by Alan on Apr 15th 2021

    Expensive but works as advertised. Dropped 48K unit from 68.6 amps down to 34.7 amps at startup(using Fluke clamp on ammeter) after the 5 learning starts on utility power. Run amps are not altered at about 17.2 amps. If your lights blink when the AC comes on or you're trying to run on backup/generator power, this will help you out.