Cruise 42 Elegance Black - C042RBBAB11111AA - 1.5 cu.ft., DC only, Black Door, 3-Side Flange - Remote Mount Compressor

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Isotherm CRUISE 42 Elegance - Small CRUISE refrigerator

The Isotherm Cruise 42 Elegance features a remote mount compressor which allows this fridge to fit where others will not.  Elegance features include thicker door insulation, freezer design with magnetic door to lock out frosting issues, and internal anchoring for both flush and proud mount installation without a flange.  Standard colors are Silver and Black.  A 3-side proud mount flange is standard.

The Cruise 42 Elegance is equipped with the new SECOP BD Micro 1.4F – VSD (variable speed drive) 12/24V compressor, the smallest and lightest DC unit on the market. Specially designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, the new Micro SeCOP BD compressor is mounted on a special L-bracket, which can be moved up to 1 meter (3 feet) away from the refrigerator. The ability to move the compressor, combined with the shallow depth of the cabinet, makes the Isotherm Cruise 42 the best-balanced refrigerator in terms of outer dimension and inner space available for food & drinks. Easy to fit, thus absolutely elegant!

The Isotherm Cruise 42 Elegance is a 1.5 cubic foot marine refrigerator (42 liters) available now in two colors: Silver and Black.  The CR42 Elegance Silver features a brushed aluminum panel and the CR42 Elegance Black has a gloss acrylic panel with 3-side black flange.

The new Elegance design features a two-inch thick door with more insulation for superior cold retention and operating efficiency. The CR42 Elegance features a four liter freezer compartment, one adjustable shelf with a hatch to allow tall bottles to stand upright and a built-in fan-cooled Danfoss / SeCOP compressor. The CR42 Elegance has an innovative internal anchoring system which allows mounting the fridge without a flange. Interior light and flange is standard.  Easy door swing change from right to left. 

  • Volume: 42 liters
  • Silent, high efficiency, fan cooled 12/24V Secop compressor (type BD 1.4F)
  • Easy-fix, vent-lock system, white LED internal lighting
  • Compact dimensions
CR 42 EL
Volume (l)
Dimensions H x W x D (inches)
20.8 x 15 x 13.6 (with compressor remotely mounted)
Power consumption (W/24h)
Weight (lbs)